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May 2014

Drivers, the season has started…at our first race at Susquehanna Speedway Park we had 9 cars and the second, which rained out we had 4.  I know that the weather was a major part of the first Shippensburg Speedway race having a low count.  I look forward to more cars at the upcoming races.

Bedford/Shippensburg Race Weekend:  I have been in contact with the manager at the Holiday Inn Express at Gateway/Breezewood regarding the possibility of needing accommodations for the weekends that we are racing back to back for Shippensburg and Bedford.  We have blocked a total of 8 rooms at this time with opportunity for more if needed.  The rooms are 2 Queen beds at $115 plus 8% tax for each room.  The block for the June 27th date will be held until June 12th and the room for August 30 will be held until August 15th.  Please call the hotel at 814-736-7666 and reserve your rooms. 

***You may cancel up until 6PM the day of check in and get your money back***

Sponsors Needed: We are still in need of sponsors for the 2 memorial races, Les Coghill and Ted Brooks.  If interested please let me know.

Winner Rule:  It was suggested and voted on that this year we have implemented a new rule…if you win a feature event, the next event you attend you will start in the rear for both events.  Please be aware of this and mindful of all fellow drivers.

Inspection:  Please be early to the next race you attend if you haven’t been inspected yet as this takes time and you cannot go onto the track until you are cleared from inspection.

Banquet:  I know we are two races in and here I am thinking about the banquet…please get your ideas/suggestions to me as soon as possible as I’m going to start the planning of this about mid-June.  Do we want to have it at the same place as last year?  Theme?  Basket auction vs. blind auction?  Award ideas trophies vs. plaques?

As always thanks always for your continued support of the club.


January 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope that this newsletter finds you all in good health and excited about starting a new year. 2013 was good to Penn-Mar, we had our banquet in October with a Tribute to Fred Thompson. What a great night that was filled with a video tribute to Fred along with an ongoing slide-show of pictures from throughout the race season, great food and fellowship. We also honored our 2013 Champion, Stew Wenrich. Out “Special” awards: Hard Luck – Glenn Pobletts; Best Appearing – Alan Pahulick; Most-Improved – Scott Rickrode. Congrats to all drivers for a “job well done” in 2013.

As we approach racing season we did have a couple rule changes, they are listed below:

*** Membership Dues – they were increased to $30.00 paid annually before a member can race with the Club. Checks ONLY if paying at the track, no CASH will be accepted at the track. No refunds will be issued upon leaving, suspension, expulsion or any other condition from the Club. An associate membership will be available for $5.00. An associate member will receive all mailings and be able to attend all events, banquet, etc. but will be unable to vote of drive. If there is a new driver there is a Temporary/Probationary Membership fee and form to be completed prior to racing. The probationary period is 2 races before a membership will be accepted. You will pay $10 at both races prior to final payment of dues. During this time the board will review your driving for aggressiveness, unsportsmanlike conduct and compliance of rules of the Club.

***All cars need to be signed in thirty (30) minutes before the start of warm-ups (if we get them or not). A crew member may sign in the driver. Any car arriving late or forgets to sign in will start in the rear for ALL every that night. It is the responsibility of the driver or crew member to notify the Secretary.

***If a member of Penn-Mar Vintage and another club that has a scheduled event at the same track, the same night, you may only race in one of the events, not both.

***FRAME: Standard 2 X 4 frame or tube frames. Frame MUST be at least 28” inside width at the rear of the roll cage.

***BRAKES: must be functional on all four wheels. Dual master cylinders are allowed but only with non-adjustable bias as dictated in drawing. Dual master cylinders MUST have 2 Tee's on the outside of the master cylinder line with the other line going into 1 Tee, the other end of the line into the other Tee.

***TIRES: No winter tread. Maximum tire width: 15 inches, from last circumference groove to last circumference groove. No altering of stamp from factory on tire width, of found altered you will lose ALL points for the evening's events.

Please contact a board member if you are uncertain as to any details of any rule. These were decided and voted upon at the Fall Meeting.

Upcoming Events: There are a few upcoming/events, if interested, please contact the websites listed for additional information:

Susquehanna Speedway Park – Night of Honors – February

Dirt Trackin' – York – January 24-26

Chambersburg Mall Show – January 31 – February 8

Motorama – Harrisburg Farm Show Complex – February 15-16

2014 Membership/Liability Form: Please note that there was an increase in dues to $30. Also note that cash will NOT be accepted at the track. Checks are to be made payable to Penn-Mar Vintage Race Car Club, INC. As always dues must be paid prior to racing.

Schedule: As we all know, last year was a bit extreme on the number of races. This year we kept that in mind while scheduling. Please note that there is one race on a Friday night and another race on a Sunday, please pay attention to the dates. The race on July 4th, (Friday) at Trail-Way Speedway will be the Les Coghill Memorial Race and the Ted Brooks Memorial Race will be at Susquehanna Speedway Park on August 9th. These are both double point races.

Practices: Please check the different track websites for any and all practice dates.

As determined at the Fall Meeting, we are going to recognize Feature winners at each track with a trophy that will travel track to track with us, for pictures, etc. then at the awards banquet your feature wins will be listed on your award. We will be asking for sponsorship for the Memorial Races, if interested please contact Amanda.

Keep in mind that board positions are up for re-election at the end of the 2014 season. If interested in a position on the board and would like to know more about them, please contact the person in the position currently. We need to keep the ideas coming in order to keep the club going. You may nominate a person for a position at any point, please contact the Secretary. Voting will take place at the Awards Banquet.

I hope that everyone is looking forward to the 2014 racing season.

 If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us and we would like to hear from you. 
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