Attention drivers, crew and fans:  We have updated our rules after having a meeting in January.  The changes are listed on the website in blue and are listed below.  Be aware of all changes as they will affect your opportunity to race with Penn-Mar in the upcoming season.

·         Each driver will have to pay $5 to pull a pill at each event.  This money will go towards the sponsorship of awards at the end of the season. 

·         If you are a new member to the club, at your first race both heat and feature, you will start in the rear.  If you are a member and raced the season prior, you will start in the rear for the HEAT only then your finishing place from your heat will be your starting position for the feature.

·         ALL trailers/tow vehicles must have a 2 and a 1/2 lb. charge weight fire extinguisher, which is fully charged and accessible at all times.  You may keep the one placed in your vehicle but this is no longer mandatory.

·         BRAKES:  must be functional on all four wheels.  Dual master cylinders are allowed

·         FUEL:  Pump gas, pump gas and alcohol are permitted.

·         Mirrors are allowed however if found blocking, you will lose ALL points for the race date and the

mirror will have to be removed.


The breakdown of the dues and the reason for the $5 pill money:  The $30 dues allow you and a crew member to enter the pits ($50 value).  If you attend all races that averages $500, which you have paid $30, it leaves a $470 savings for the year.  At the end of the year we look for sponsorship from all drivers/crew/sponsors for trophy and banquet cost, this additional funding will help eliminate the need for end of the year requests for sponsorship, or at least curb the amount needed.  You can pay at each race attending or all in one if you know how many races you will be attending.  Your participation in this is mandatory.

It was decided at the meeting that the two memorial races will be as follows: Les Coghill Memorial Race July 3rd, Trail-Way Speedway and the Pee-Wee Pobletts Memorial Race, July 11th, Hagerstown Speedway.  Both of these races will be double point events.

The schedule is posted on the website.  Please keep in mind that the Bedford Speedway races are on Mondays (holiday weekends).  This was decided and changed by the promoter to allow drivers to attend multiple events that weekend at local tracks.  Keep informed of the race start times as you must be at the track and have you pill pulled 45 minutes prior to start time to allow the schedule to be completed and turned over to the track officials.  Your attendance is needed at as many races as possible to keep the interest from the tracks in our club.  As you all are aware Shippensburg Speedway closed its gates at the end of 2014.  Our Public Relations board member has been diligently working on obtaining additional dates and a variety of racing for the club this year to make up for the loss of dates at Shippensburg. 

We are talking with the different promoters to see if we can display of vehicles at the track prior to the race events to promote interest in the club.  If interested in placing your car on display please let Stew or me know.  Also we are asking Todd Fisher at Susquehanna Speedway Park if it would be possible to weigh our cars prior to the first race of the year, be ready for that confirmation.

We are looking to have the banquet at the Elks Lodge again in Carlisle, information to follow later in the year.

As always we look forward to a fun and exciting race season.  We ask that you keep in mind the “FUN” that we are to have and be mindful of sportsmanship as up and coming racers and fans are always watching.   Please make it a goal this season to come out to as many races as possible.  Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!!!

 If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us and we would like to hear from you. 
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